Auto Floor Plan Financing throughout California and Southern Oregon

Express Auto Funding (“EAF”) is a used auto finance company that provides used auto dealers with both floor plan financing and placement of their retail installment contracts on customers with challenged credit profiles.

EAF was developed to assist used auto dealers in acquiring inventory and placing retail contracts on customers with challenged credit. We bridge the gap for used auto dealer's inventory acquisition needs at auction and away from auction houses. And then we help ensure they sell it by purchasing the contracts. If you would like to begin purchasing inventory with greater buying flexibility at auction or outside of auction houses, or already do and need supplementary funding to acquire additional inventory, EAF is your answer.

We are locally owned and funded, so we develop flexible terms for almost any situation to help ensure our customers maximum flexibility when purchasing inventory. Inventory may be purchased and financed from a variety of sources (including your trade-ins), not simply auctions.

Track your inventory on-line through our web portal.

Extended floor plan terms are available.

We also purchase retail auto contracts to facilitate our dealers’ needs in placing customers with challenged credit profiles. Now more than ever, this service assists our dealers in selling additional cars, enhancing their returns.